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Softsys PLC Programming

Softsys teaches your equipment new tricks and makes your logistics controllers happy. And a happy controller is a happy company.

Do your logistics controllers need new programming?

When your logistics evolve, your equipment needs to keep up with the times. What you need is tailor-made reprogramming, the sooner the better.

For some reason, the worst faults happen at night when it's hard to find help. And fixing one issue does not help when the problems keep appearing. We need to rethink this whole thing.

Softsys PLC programming revitalizes and retrains your equipment

Softsys has decades of experience in discrete automation and in-house logistics management systems in several industries (food, paper, metal, manufacturing).

  • PLC programming and testing
  • Change management and planning for your equipment modifications

As a flexible operator, we can provide tailored expert assistance whenever you need.




We map out what the new feature will require: is re-programming the PLC enough or do we need to modify or update the hardware (NICs, cabling, sensors, etc.) as well.


Implementation and testing with simulation

  • Our PLC programmers implement the required changes, any hardware changes are communicated to engineers.
  • New functionality is tested with simulation, to make sure that the deployment will go smoothly and that the new version will solve the issue it is meant to, without causing any side effects.


  • Clients’ own engineers install any required hardware modifications and components.
  • New PLC software is installed into the devices.

From the customer:

As head of production at a paper mill, I was given a task to improve the flow control of our paper rolls, especially in junctions. The biggest priority was following the paper roll flow after disruptions. They kept calling me at all hours during the night, asking me about the location of our loads. How was I supposed to know?

It was hard to find a partner to plan and implement the changes, until we heard about Softsys. They were able to visualize the different solutions to our flow control upgrades and how they would perform in different situations – giving us a lot of new ideas. Our initial concerns regarding Softsys’ ability to operate in the paper industry vanished quickly – their ability to plan and execute the changes was impressive. And best of all, I get to sleep at night.

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