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Softsys WMS

Softsys WMS is a comprehensive management system for all your automated in-house logistics and discrete automation needs. We revitalize even the oldest of systems.

Automated warehouses work like a charm from one year and decade to the next.

Benefits of modern, automated warehouses:

  • Less demand for workers, lower employee costs
  • Your performance is no longer dependent on the availability of skilled workers
  • Gain comprehensive insight into your production and product flows
  • Reduce loss caused by human errors
  • Costs are reduced with optimized product flows
  • Products are utilized based on age ; they no longer expire on your shelves

From the customer:

Our retail operations grew steadily over the years and our logistics were increasingly expensive to maintain. In the end, the success of our e-shop made us realize that we had to move into automated warehousing. Most of the solutions we considered could not be tailored to our needs: the initial investments were too big and contained a lot of features we didn't need. In addition, we would have had to completely change the way we wanted to operate.

Luckily, we then found Softsys. They understood our needs and came up with a solution where we could maintain a lot of our existing systems are workflows. In addition, they knew how to work with the transport systems from our German hardware supplier.

The project exceeded all expectations. With digital modeling we could test and plan in advance - no nasty surprises during roll-out. In addition, Softsys became our partner to improve our operations in the longer term.

Softsys WMS revitalizes your systems without sacrificing the past and ensures continuity

Don’t replace a working system if you can just update the programming!

  • Softsys WMS revitalizes your logistics without needing new hardware or transport systems.
  • Make sure you’re covered for the decades ahead.

A full management system upgrade can be done with minimal downtime.

  • With proper planning and testing, the new system can be implemented quickly, reliably, and without risk.
  • Digital Modeling solves your problems before implementation.

We ensure long-term continuity and reliability in all development.

  • Our WMS has worked reliably in production for 20 years; you can count on continued development and support for years to come.

From the customer:

I'm the IT manager of a bicycle manufacturing company. I was made responsible for Industrial Automation, since all my colleagues are mechanical engineers who'd rather print our the Excel sheets than read them from a computer.

We had an issue with getting the bicycle frames moved from the welding robot into our paint shop quickly enough. It would have been easier to do a longer run for each frame and color variant, but there are so many colors these days. So, every nook and cranny was full of frames. To make things worse, our transport systems were sourced from several manufacturers, without any common communications platform.

Sofsys WMS solved our problems, together with proper simulation: the 3D models were much more easier to understand by the engineers, compared to my old network topography maps. We managed to connect all our machines to a common management system and now I can follow the movement of the frames and robot utilization from my computer. Our management finally took notice of my skills and I already let them know I might be interested in applying for a promotion ;)

Fulfill your dreams of modern in-house logistics with Softsys WMS

  • Maintain a database of all loads and contents.
  • Automate all repetitive manual tasks.
  • Manage cross-system communications with a common communications platform (PIOC).
  • Optimize and manage material flows based on real-time production and order data.
  • Enable a comprehensive view of your warehouse operations with a history, event, and transaction analysis tool (LMC).
  • Create real-time detailed reports and statistics.


Make your operations transparent and easy to report with unified event management and storage.

How it works



We study your current situation and map out the necessary modifications.


Planning and implementation.

We plan and implement any modifications and interfaces required by the new WMS solution. Our designs are verified through Digital Modeling, to make sure everything will work together before it is deployed.



With simulation, the roll-out on your premises is fast and low-risk. Expected downtime is measured in hours.


Maintenance and support

We provide 24/7 support for your WMS.

Softsys WMS is reliable and trusted - used by enterprises across the globe.

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