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Softsys Digital Modeling

Stop learning by trial and error. Digital Modeling and simulation is a safe and fast way to improve your logistics.

Developing automated warehouses can be a handful

  • What are the current bottlenecks in our material flows and discrete automation systems?
  • What do we need to do in order to improve our performance?
  • What are our options?
  • When designing a new discrete automation system, what should our warehouse layout be and how should we position our equipment in order to meet our goals?
  • Do we need a full digital twin in order to solve our problems or is a higher-level model enough?
  • Our supplier is offering a modernization program, but how can we map out the required changes and improvements beforehand?

Simulation gives answers to all your questions

  • How big should our warehouse be?
  • How should be position our equipment?
  • How to plan the number, capacity, and work cycles for rollers, lifts, etc.?
  • How does the load size affect our performance?
  • How many loading and unloading stations? How to positions them? Do we have enough buffer?

Simulation is cost-effective

  • Save on investments with accurate focus and assessment
  • Investigate new ideas easily
  • Combine your logistics layout and functionality in the same model
  • Save time on projects and roll-outs
  • Reduce errors
  • Investigate and solve problems before they occur in production
  • Improve communication and decision making
  • Train employees with the digital models

How simulation works



The first step is figuring out the level of detail needed, the level of abstraction depends on the problem you want to solve. A full digital twin is not always needed.



Softsys creates a 3D model of your warehouse using specialized tools and communicates the results to the customer.



Using the model, we can simulate the logistics flow and test different approaches and changes.

Save time and money with modeling and simulations

From the customer:

We needed to automate material flows in our hollow-core slab manufacturing plant for our new slab production pipeline. But how could we visualize all of the flows and plan out changes and finally optimize the equipment without messing up production for weeks?

With the help of Softsys and digital modeling, we understood the impact of different approaches in just half a day. We can even see how employee count affects our production, so now we can finally plan around Steven’s annual hunting trips.

We decided to utilize simulations in our future projects as well. With simulation, we could do a pre-study on flow logic changes when our equipment supplier suggested a modernization project. Now, we are seeing a lot of savings and avoiding risks, and to top it off, making suggestions to the board is easier when we can show them what we actually mean with the 3D models.

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